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Global Postural Reeducation (GPR)
"Global Postural Reeducation" is a technique invented by the French physical therapist, Souchard. This type of therapy consists of holding difficult positions on an inclined board for great lengths of time to stretch posterior back muscles. The physical therapy theory involved suggests that the program works to "equalize" the uneven muscle distribution caused by the crookedness of the body part. A treatment called Rolfing Movement Integration uses heavy pressure massage to reduce the effects of posture degradation. (C. W. Mann) <>




A very important factor in the recovery of patients with spinal cord damage is proper care and early postrauma rehabilitation. There are three stages in the rehabilitation process:

First stage:
- hospitalization
- the patient maintains the lying position
- it lasts from the day of accepting a patient for a hospital till a patient is placed in a vertical position

The rehabilitation process includes:
- antidecubital and antispasmodic prevention
- breathing exercises
- passive exercises
- active exercises of non-paralytic muscles

Second stage:
- starts after obtaining complete stabilization of the damaged section of the spine, which enables to place the patient in a vertical position

The rehabilitation process includes:
- breathing exercises
- passive exercises
- active exercises
- assuming a vertical position by a patient
- exercises increasing stamina
- exercises improving the independent transferring while in bed
- self sufficiency and locomotor tests...

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